Plain Wood Floors for Stylish Interior Color Scheme Apartment

A warm palette of bright accents is a nice choice for interior color scheme interior with plain wood floors. Young couple needs a new atmosphere for their new apartment. They have to arrange the housing development carefully. Today, we talk about the color palette for the modern apartment. Even sometimes the apartment has no large building, but the loving couple still can maximize the limited space with some color tricks.

Wooden Chairs and Orange Side Table near Grey Sofa

Wooden Chairs and Orange Side Table near Grey Sofa

Interior DI is a private shelter in Saint Petersburg, Russia. It has designed by Int2 Architecture. The primary goal of the housing project was to show a large well lighted in all the space. The fresh home interior color scheme is applied to start from the living space. White walls and plain wood floors use as the background of the pastel colors. White bookshelves have been united with the white ceiling.

The soft blue sofa is standing together with bright brown and pearl gray chairs above the small carpet. The peach floor lamp was available to give beautiful lights while reading the story. In the same area, a home office was located in a small corner. It was enough to put a desk and office tools separated by the shelves. Stone walls in white have been a backdrop for the kitchen. A couple of great pictures add some art to the cooking place.

Ocean blue walls in the bedroom create an atmosphere of coziness. The wall paint has been combined with white like an ombre detail. Red accents for the pillows and the table lamps hint the warm room and give some relaxation. The blue tones were also brought in the bathroom, but this time, it is united with mosaic tile walls. Two small lamps are hanging low near the racks.

The whole home interior style was the result of minimalist design. It was combined with Scandinavian elements and midcentury furniture. The apartment is offered an expressive, relaxed and stylish home interior color schemes ideas with plain wood floors for a good balanced.

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