White Floating Sink for Creative Bathroom Storage Concept

Proper bathroom storage will change simply safe your life especially the one with a white floating sink. Nice storage inside the bathroom will help you reduce the mess. If you are looking for any new ideas to redesign your bathroom, this article will help you well. Some ideas of it are presented by some bathroom designs, by various designers. Check out this article for a clearer explanation.

For a small bathroom, maybe you will need a cubby hole under your white floating sink. Check out this picture. There is a hidden rack built in the corner of the room. It is just a small one, hidden behind a white door. Or try other similar bathroom storage ideas from a different bathroom. The cubby holes can be implemented on the higher wall to keep your bubble bath and towels tidily. Smart, isn’t it?

You can also create a personal storage that matches your personality. For example, you can surround your white elongated toilet with a huge white cabinet. The highest cabinet is consisting of 4 doors of storage. The lower area is the opened rack for you to keep soap, bubble bath, or even pictures like what you can see in the picture. Another picture gives you another storage idea to try. Buys some boxes for your stuff, and then label it. You can create the names by using colorful yarns which are arranged into words. Surely, no one will have this in the world but you.

Bathtub Interior Used Black Shelving Furniture in Minimalist Space for Inspiration

Bathtub Interior Used Black Shelving Furniture in Minimalist Space for Inspiration

Sliding storage is a perfect storage for the contemporary bathroom. See this picture. Next, to the white sink, a wooden wall stands perfectly. But if you pull the silver hanger on its side, it will slide out! Wow, this is a hidden sliding storage! It is full of wooden racks inside which can help you to store lots of bathing stuff at one time. Another sliding storage is located on the standing cabinet. See it in another contemporary bathroom picture. Dark wooden cabinet here has a hidden sliding rack to support your needs. If you already find one of the bathroom closet storage ideas with the white floating sink here, now you should create them in your house!

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