Renovation Project Plan for Wonderful Classic Stone House

Some of the greatest houses of all time were not built from anything, and this stone house design with the renovation project plan is one of the evidence. This great mix style living space is originally an abandoned old housing design. It is revived by DOM Architecture, and now it becomes more than just sufficient living space. Now, this home design becomes something that worth a lot of credits from all of us. The ingenious idea of the designer makes this old house now become better than any new home creation. The greatness of this multi-style home design lies in every part of it.

Interior and Exterior with Stone Wall and Simple Staircase

Interior and Exterior with Stone Wall and Simple Staircase

From the exterior design of this classic stone house design, we can quickly identify that this house is a result of an excessive renovation project plan. The lingering taste of ancient housing creation is still able to be felt even without entering it. The outside part of this stone base material home, apparently, passed no significant change. It probably the uniqueness of the original building that makes the designer won’t touch it. Instead of renewing it, the designer takes a step to strengthen some part of the house. The result of that decision is fantastic. Now, this lovely home design becomes something more than just a living space; it is a home design masterpiece.

The interior decoration of this unique living space design, on the other hand, has experienced so many changes. Now it has the highly modern setting and furniture selection. The difference of the treatment in this creative renovation project leads the result into something not entirely new, but possibly, more beautiful than a new home design creation, the mix style house.

The interior design is the one that brings modern atmosphere to this gorgeous classical home design while the exterior part of the one that maintains the classic looks of this house. Excellent classic stone house design with the renovation project plan like this house is a rare creation, which is why there are a lot of people that consider it as a special creation.

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