Modern Outdoor Terraces for Unique Duplex Home Style

A home that can house two families in the same building yet maintain total privacy from one another is called a duplex home especially this one which is designed with modern outdoor terraces. Its structure can be built horizontally or rising vertically towards the sky.  The Lever Homes residence in Seattle by First Lamp Architecture and Construction is an example of a duplex house with a vertical advancement. With its small land plot, simple wooden exterior design, peaked roof, and tall structure, the home is a peculiar sight indeed. However, this home is still able to hold a great amount of comfort in its interior.

Dining Room Used Modern Furniture and Contemporary Chandelier

Despite the linear measurement, the home is still able to build a small lap pool on the side of the house. This lap pool is accompanied by the building of a small outdoor patio that fits just enough to provide a beach chair. On the modern outdoor terraces of the duplex home design as well, are built mini garden plots that will be sufficient for small plants.

The special features of this house begin its building from the exterior. One of them was already mentioned above. Another was the careful use of wood as the home’s primary external material and a layer of the metallic side. This is done to provide the home with a self-insulating feature, which will of course help save a lot of winter electricity bills. This home is also built with large floor to ceiling windows which connect the interior and exterior of the house as well as provide natural ventilation during the daytime.

Moving inside, the combination of white walls and the wooden floors and furniture create a light, bright, and harmonious warm home setting. Simplistic and modern furniture are combined with antique and rustic ones in this modern duplex house which are completed with the modern outdoor terraces, making a unique and rich retro feel.

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