Modern Furniture Design for Fascinating Studio Office Interior

Thematic offices are always a great sight to work in, especially if it is thematic to the occupation, such as this game studio office with modern furniture design. Specially designed by Ezzo Design, the interior of the office is built with the theme of a quirky spaceship. Dark blue interiors are combined with black and white colors, providing that futuristic feel. The modern furniture and peculiar ceiling decors are also placed inside the office. To remind the office of the land, natural plants are grown along the floor to ceiling windows.

Room decors have a way of psychologically transporting whoever is in it to the scenario it presents. A vintage room decor will bring the room visitors to the past while a rustic one to the country. A spaceship themed interior will, of course, bring whoever is in it to a spaceship interior. This futuristic and creative space reminiscence with the modern furniture design will definitely help the employers and employees working in the studio office design to focus on a higher degree.

Modern Furniture Decoration Inspiration

Furniture and wall presentation are chosen especially to support this theme. Dark blue is combined with white and black. Gray machine wall painting is plastered all around the walls to give an impression that machines are at work. The furniture of this office is also kept with a similar color spectrum and style. Modern furniture with thin and simple metallic frames are specifically chosen.

How about the decors? Look above at the ceiling! Pipes! Pipes everywhere! The free showcasing of the pipeline on the main working station is a very special feat. Rod lights are placed in an intricate weaving surrounding the pipes. To still remind the workers of the earth and their home, the office is also decorated with natural plants. The majority of them are planted on planters located right by the floor to ceiling windows. Some others, however, are hung on the ceiling and let flowing down onto the studio office design ideas working tables as the modern furniture design in this office interior.

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