Modern Fireplace Ideas for Contemporary Canadian Home Design

The modern living style inside the Canadian home design is very elegant with modern fireplace ideas. It is mixed the pure white and bold black for the interior theme. The high ceiling design becomes airier with this bright paint color. Besides, it is also created with some dormer windows which are adorned with glass block. The unique decor on this modern building is the steel baluster which is arranged on the second floor. It is ornamented with lace and looks very stylish.

We can call the combination of black and white with ‘smooth contrast’. It is known that those two colors are different in unsure but they look matching if they are blended. Now this two story Canadian home design plans are using them inside it. In line with the black lace, the modern fireplace ideas are also polished in full black mantel color. It is tall and elongated to the ceiling. The dark furnishing concept is matching with this internal idea.

The living space with colorful carpet motif is smooth and cheerful among the monogram furniture color. At least, this house has a different decoration beside the mono black and white colors. The spacious kitchen which is side by side with the dining space is also embellished with those tones. Black kitchen cabinet is continued with wall cover. Besides, it arranges the pale gray kitchen island that seems to be made of stainless steel material.

Residence with Clean Hardwood Flooring and Screen Glass on Stairwell Added Stylish the Decor

Residence with Clean Hardwood Flooring and Screen Glass on Stairwell Added Stylish the Decor

The millennium dining chairs are mixed with the white dining table and decorated with crystal pendant lights. It is surprising that the dwelling is completed with a small restroom that looks pale. The pale wall looks unfinished and combined with black floor tiles. The metal bathroom cabinet is designed with white block front and white knobs. The large makeup mirror is sophisticated with LED lighting on each side. This minimalist Canada house design with modern fireplace ideas and dry bathroom concept is matching.

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