Glass Sliding Doors for Stylish Modern House Design

Architect 11 has impressively created a stylish modern house design with glass sliding doors for this one level contemporary retreat named Passion House M1. Located in Sweden, this dwelling stands elegantly with its futuristic shapes. The design strengthens the presence of eco-friendly timber panels for the internal walls and some glulam frames for the structure. Yes, the sustainable energy becomes the main concept of this dwelling floor plan; hence, eco-friendly materials were used for each part. Other impressive ideas are affecting ventilation system, automation system, and solar heating system.

Dark Colored Facign Tables Flower on Hradwood Flooring and Glass Windows Completed

Dark Colored Facing Tables Flower on Hardwood Flooring and Glass Windows Completed

The extensions, modern flat rooftop, and beautiful glazing dominate the exterior. Then a lovely green lawn apparently becomes the best background for the house. And through well formed modern home design ideas, the interior decoration emerges deluxe and stylish. Black and white appear as the dominant hues and become the best soul mate for the timber panels and those beautiful lucent large glass sliding doors and windows. The communal living space was arranged in an integrated way. One modern living room appears so comfy with one black sectional sofa and white coffee table which emerge very catchy for dark timber floor.

Moreover, the dining space was developed just near the living. It was completed with round white dining table and some chunky white space. And of course, we could not forget about the kitchen which shows the beauty of modern minimalist concept through the existence of white kitchen cabinets and white marble countertop. Furthermore, one futuristic bedroom also emerges stunning in this residence. White still becomes the main theme, but now dazzling red also appeared in term of producing a fresh hint. The red provides an authentic voguish outlook through the presence of that red pillows cushion and bedcover.

To accumulate, this house was designed with the fundamental eco-friendly concept and enchanting materials. The shape and arrangement also appear so lovely and modern with each room were developed with minimalist yet modern decoration. In conclusion, based on its mature and precise form for each element both exterior and interior, this contemporary house could be defined as one of the most engaging examples of modern house plan ideas with the glass sliding doors, which will bring more inspiration about contemporary architectural decoration.

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