Wooden Building Material for Captivating Modern Farmhouse Architecture

The modern farmhouse can provide a unique design with a wooden building material that makes the home look more captivating. Starfall Farm has been designed by Invisible Studio. This astonishing home is placed in North East Somerset, United Kingdom. Completed with a green panorama, this house has a tranquil atmosphere to give total relaxation. From the outside, this house has a powerful traditional design. The exposed bricks wall and sloping roof can be characteristic of the rustic design. The architect blends the modern and traditional design in this farmhouse to obtain wonderful home designs. The traditional design makes this home has a captivating exterior design. This exterior design can give a fresh nuance to the owner.

Wall Made from Wood and Several Square Skylights

Wall Made from Wood and Several Square Skylights

Wooden Building Material

The traditional atmosphere is powerful felt in this place. The firewood is saved in the small house that is constructed from wooden building material. The traditional house can give a fascinating look to this home design. The modern farmhouse plans are made to combine traditional and modern designs. There are four buildings that each building has its function. Two different styles are applied in this home exterior design. Two buildings are designed by traditional exteriors and the others are designed with modern exteriors. The wooden building material becomes an important element to design this home exterior.

The architect wants to blend the rustic and modern home. The exposed stone fences look so old. The architect creates this fences design to show the power of traditional style. This obsolete fence is paired with a modern wooden exterior that provides special nuance in this home exterior. In the modern exterior building, the architects design the building with an earthy theme exterior. This theme exterior is matched with the natural environment.

The glass ceiling design is created to make a bright condition in this home interior. The large windows are also applied to make the owner enjoy the stunning outside panorama. The small modern farmhouse plans which apply the wooden building material also can be a good choice to get total comfort and relaxation.

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Wood is one of the most used natural building materials in the world. Several valuable properties such as low heat conductivity, small bulk density, relatively high strength, amenability to mechanical working, etc. make wood famous building material. Timber can be used most economically without wasting any of its derivatives.

Wood is a porous and fibrous structural tissue found in the stems and roots of trees and other woody plants. It is an organic material – a natural composite of cellulose fibers that are strong in tension and embedded in a matrix of lignin that resists compression.

Unlike concrete or metals, wood is a building material that can be grown and regrown through natural processes and also through replanting and forestry management programs. Select harvesting and other practices allow growth to continue while larger trees are harvested.

Wood is an organic, hygroscopic, and anisotropic material. Its thermal, acoustic, electrical, mechanical, aesthetic, working, etc. properties are very suitable to use it is possible to build a comfortable house using only wooden products. With other materials, it is almost impossible. But wood has some disadvantages too.

Wood is one of the oldest-known building materials, its use dating back 10,000 years. But in recent history, other materials have been favored, such as steel, cement, and plastic components. A new movement is seeking to bring the wood back, and build taller with timber. A 2017 study, led by architect Jeff Sanner and a team of designers, engineers …

Building with wood is economical. Building with wood is ecological because wood is a sustainable raw material. And building with wood is socially valuable because wooden structures are optimized energetically and therefore affordable over the long term. Wood is a renewable raw material with a positive effect on the environmental climate. During their growth, trees convert CO 2 and water into …

What is the best type of wood for construction?

Wood is a particularly good building material because it breathes, is durable, and has good insulating qualities. The ideal choices are naturally decay-resistant wood such as cedar, redwood, or a good grade of exterior plywood.

What is the best wood for a house?

Douglas fir is one of the strongest softwoods available making it an ideal wood choice for timber frames and traditional log homes. Douglas fir has a signature red and blond color to the timber. Some other log types for the home building include yellow cedar, pine, and spruce.

Are wooden homes better than brick?

While brick homes are resilient and can last for centuries, most people prefer the simplicity and flexibility that wood offers. Moreover, wooden homes withstand earthquakes and erosion much better. Of course, the fact that wooden homes are more affordable and faster to build is another major source of wood popularity. So, if you live in an area prone to heavy storms and tornadoes, a brick house will be your safest pick. However, if natural disasters are not so common, consider building a …

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