Wooden Panels Texture for Spectacular Ship Bedroom Design Ideas

Adventure theme is always loved by boys, even grown up men who have favorite this kind of hobby from childhood. In this case, the adventure can be in the form of ship story where the voyage is gone through. Furthermore, ship bedroom design ideas with the wooden panels texture make a wonderful setting for space itself. Actually, it may seem as a nautical look from a room’s design. And for some people, colors played and combined here bring calm sensation as well.

Blue becomes main idea for cruise ship room design as perfect adventure idea. The high ceiling is designed with sky view that accentuates clouds and seagulls pictures. For distinctive point, install wooden panels texture built as ship embedded to wall up above near ceiling area. Wooden deck looks like a bridge with rope guardrails. And through this bridge also, people can go up through bedding area. Freestyle from jumping rope to go down looks a great idea. Yet, do not forget to provide nook setting at down earth space.

Another idea for ship theme is to use lots of wooden materials and even make it as the main one. From cupboard or closet at the corner to keep garments and fashion to working desk with drawers and bookshelf in one set. Bring more bookshelf in a strong statement and put the decoration on top. Bedding is then chosen from the furnished wood couch with dragging drawers under. The treasure chest is used as bench seating at foot of bed.

Bedroom Completed Yellow Perforated Railing with Electric Fan and Pendant

Bedroom Completed Yellow Perforated Railing with Electric Fan and Pendant

Decorative aspect can simply create adventure theme in an idea of the ship. Fishes carvings are hung to burnt orange walls. Even some net ropes or hammocks are hung as accessories. Flooring surface is chosen in blue tiles, whereas gray carpet is rolled out under wooden bedding area. Place white cushion and cover with a dark blue blanket in ship motif for small bedroom decorating ideas. Mini globe or world map on the wooden panels texture can be added in addition.

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