Terrace Wood Flooring for Captivating Waterfront Villa Design

This waterfront villa with the terrace wood flooring looks alluring in the middle of the beauty of the waterfront nature. The Adriatic Sea is well presented by this Villa in Stoliv designed by Enforma Studio. The villa displays the beautiful design of the contemporary building using natural elements as the structure. The arched styles are applied as the villa shape. Earth color fits well with the villa location. Natural stone is used as the villa exterior wall while the villa roof is made from wooden elements.

Dazzling Lights Taken from Villa in Stoliv Outdoor Lounge and Infinity Pool with Decorative Lamps

Dazzling Lights Taken from Villa in Stoliv Outdoor Lounge and Infinity Pool with Decorative Lamps

Bright color looks chic in this waterfront villa exterior. The wooden flooring is used as the terrace wood flooring together with sleek moving outdoor furniture on it. The concrete floor is structured besides this wooden flooring. A set of wooden furniture is placed right in front of the glass windows providing the relaxing space for doing casual outdoor dining. The floor in the entryway is made by the natural pebbles in it. This exterior space looks sleek with the glass balustrade in the second floor.

Comfortable ambience is also displayed by the balustrade design. It has tile flooring in grey and dark red colors. The natural look is also shown by the brick walls in this second-floor terrace. This terrace is a perfect place to enjoy the waterfront views. A wooden table in modern style is placed between sleek chairs made from wooden elements, too. This is set right by the glass balustrade.

The unique and exciting part is this villa has the natural swimming pool. The swimming pool is the sleek pool connected with the waterfront itself. This villa has the direct access to the waterfront nature. Concrete tile flooring is set as the pool flooring. Stylish outdoor furniture is set in this pool area. The space in this villa both indoor and outdoor is designed to enjoy the beautiful views. Waterfront villa views about the terrace wood flooring can be the best feature of the villa besides its design.

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