Swimming Pool Installation for Modern Bungalow House Plan

Looking for a bungalow house with a swimming pool installation in Singapore? Sunset Terrace House should be on your list. This L-shaped house combines modern design and natural esthetic together. As you enter the gate, this design is already showing its full effect. Recreational space and industrial designs are molded together in this pool-beside-carport design. This pool then opens to the home’s open floor planned lounge. In the backyard, a green field is built. Embraced by blue water and a green natural area, the home interior has an effect that creates the impression of a modern natural living; thus, the main inspiration for the home’s design.

For a home exterior, the exterior feature combination which this house present is quite of a unique and peculiar mix. It is uncanny to see a garage right beside a swimming pool installation instead of a yard. In fact, the yard is located at the back side of the bungalow style house. However, this is done not without a reason. There is an effect that designer hopes to achieve by this exterior design.

Situated in an urban setting, of course, nature isn’t going to be easily found, but that doesn’t mean that the dream of living among nature isn’t impossible. This effect is achieved through the building of nature replicas inside the land plot and having its placement manipulated. The swimming pool, in this case, represents a water body while the green backyard, a park. In the middle of these two areas is the house’s lounge, where the effect of living in nature is able to be truly felt.

Floor and Fence Displaying Sunset Terrace House Architology Entrance

In addition to that, natural materials are also used in the exterior of this home design. Dark wood and caramel wood are used for the home’s second-floor wall and front door. This provides the home with a shutter like an appearance as well as a slight natural insulation to keep the house warm. In this ranch style house with the swimming pool installation, log benches and tables are also found in the backyard.

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