Outdoor Seating Furniture for Elegant Modern Residence Design

Smertnik Kraut Architekten presents a beautiful modern residence with minimalist design and outdoor seating furniture in Perchtoldsdorf, Austria. House A& plentifulB was a summer house which full comfort in warm and welcoming nuance. Neat arrangement of the exterior fixture gathers the sunbeam radiance to spread elegance warm showing effortless housing style. The stylish outdoor seating furniture welcomes everyone to have a casual conversation or just enjoy a nice bright day. The hyaline water of the outdoor pool also enhances the graceful serenity that the open air space tries to give.

Table Under Candelier Beside Cactus Planter Beside Glass Windows Storage Set Up

Table Under Chandelier Beside Cactus Planter Beside Glass Windows Storage Set Up

Detail beauty of housing material composition reveals the brilliant architectural design. Spotless exterior walls incorporate with translucent glass to realize the open space concept. Employing natural mineral pattern exudes the charming outer wall style in melting with water character. The soft color of green chairs grabs the eyes attention by the subtle loveliness of the color and curvy style. Freedom to live makes the living grass lushly grows filling the entire soil of outdoor space, giving the refreshing color and texture sustaining this modern minimalist house design architecture which applies the outdoor seating furniture.

Fashionable furniture balances the modesty of contemporary interior. Delicate as chocolate, the unique sofa style has a special inviting taste to make any newcomer having a cozy seat. Communal dining furniture allows several guests to have banquet under the pretty lamp. Abundant natural light by streaming through the glass wall translucency shows the interior of this minimalist home design with the outdoor seating furniture and accentuates the elegant kitchen fixture.

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