Mosaic Art Projects for Funky Restaurant Design

When the idea of a ramen bar comes into our mind, the first image that will appear in our imagination will usually be a small restaurant design with the mosaic art projects or shop or stall on the side of the street with a traditional interior, stools, a straight bar counter table, and the kitchen on the other side of the bar. This authentic ramen bar in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, has a different look. As we enter the restaurant, we will be given a view of mosaic art projects on the wall, which is a picture of a bowl of ramen.

In its construction, the mosaic art projects are made from fractures of ceramic tiles, bowls, mugs, and pots. The mosaic art turns a dull wall into a light reflector, thus giving a nice brightness to the interior of the restaurant design ideas. After two rows of small tables in the front, the bar comes with a very modern look compared to the common ones. The arched shape reminds us of cocktail bars, and the yellow streak makes the atmosphere even brighter.

Next to the bar, stands a spiraling stairway. But we are not going to the second story yet. Covering the stairway, there is a wavy fence that resembles noodles, said the designer. The collaboration between a wooden floor and tile makes it unique.  They give you a chance to be able to use the restaurant for a group dinner.

Center Wall of Restaurant Dining Space with Counter and Stools

Going up to the second story, the atmosphere is similar, but the bowl seating looking object is your seat. The other feature found in the second story is the abstract lampshade. This restaurant decorating ideas with the mosaic art projects, when it is turned off, it might look usual, but when it is turned on, the shadow that is projected from it looks like a dense forest of branches.

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