Interior Decoration Elements for Spectacular Penthouse Design

Almost every day, we see lots of captivating houses and stunning interior designs, and it is not easy to compare when all of them are so charming; this luxurious modern penthouse design with interior decoration elements is one of those beautiful houses. The lavish residence dubbed as 200 Chamber Penthouse. It is situated in New York, USA. Incorporated Architecture & Design was planned and built the home.

Pillows Between Lamp Shades Under Wallapper the Chambers Penthouse

Pillows Between Lamp Shades Under Wallpaper the Chambers Penthouse

The lovely penthouse design ideas which apply the interior decoration elements are made for a gentleman from Europe. This incredible residence is more than a regular house. It is a magnificent structure that allows you to see how beautiful and stylish interior decor can get. The residence doesn’t impress us with its richness or opulence. In fact, it is a straightforward and minimalist house characterized by a contemporary design.

The project was accomplished in 2006 that spent $2,200,000 for the project’s cost. The client wanted the residence to be a small flat for occasional use when he spends the fall in New York. He requested the design and plan to be stylish, flexible and simple to let the apartment serve both as a comfy dwelling, workspace, and gathering space.

The 4000 sqft lavish apartment was furnished with antique and modern pieces that have been gathered around the world. However, the two different designs don’t clash or contrast but rather merge harmoniously. Each room in residence has one focal point whether from the wall art, artwork, sculptural design, and shapes or accessories.

The designers planned the home with an ample entertainment space and a private suite. The residence also provides two bedrooms to serve the guests. The use of color palette for the interior decoration is restraint, but it is also enchanting which emits both vibrant and neutral shades. The interior decoration elements of this penthouse design plans combine the use of mahogany, limestone, white marble, gold leaf, stainless steel, and bronze.

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Penthouse at the Daylight Gave Litle by SunlightOutside View at the Night at the Chambers PenthousePillows Between Lamp Shades Under Wallapper the Chambers PenthouseCabinets Framed and Washtub Illuminated by the Lamps at the Chambers Penthouse