Black Wall Painting for Elegant Minimalist House Design

The Minimalist house with black wall painting can be a good choice to get excellent living experience. The minimalist design can be a good choice to get efficient and total modern design. The Ant-house project has been designed by mA-style Architects which has adorable exterior and interior design. This home is located in Shizuoka, Japan. From the outside, this home looks so captivating with simple cube design. The black wall painting is chosen by the architect to create this home exterior. The simple exterior design with small trees in the facade can bring natural sense in the facade. The real cube shape is applied with only one main entrance that is designed in the center of the facade. This simple design makes the people curious with the inside of the home.

Wooden Floor and Partition Spwhich Has Black Clothes Rail Line

Wooden Floor and Partition Sp which Has Black Clothes Rail Line

In the backyard, the architect creates simple windows that can be used by the owner to enjoy the outside panorama. Big trees in the backyard can invite new atmosphere to make total relaxation. The minimalist house plans interior with the black wall painting is designed by warm theme design which can make the owner feel comfort and relax. The architect constructs this home interior by suitable arrangement. The high ceiling design is applied in the dining area. The high space design makes the room looks more spacious and comfort. We can also put the small plant to decorate room interior. This decoration can make the room look more natural and wonderful.

In the other part of this modern home, the ceiling is created with triangle design. The triangle ceiling design with white painting interior makes the room look so captivating. This room is designed by minimalist design to get a spacious room inside the minimalist house. The small pendant light is applied in this room to light this room interior.

The owner can do many activities in this room. The child also can use this room as a playground. The roomy interior has many benefits that can be used by the owner. The roomy interior in the minimalist house is an excellent idea. The minimalist house plans floor plans with the black wall painting can create the house by using dynamic space.

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