Unique Interior Design of Any Rooms in Cave Architecture to Live

Have you ever visited any place with a unique interior design inside? How beautiful was it? What about an indoor place with cave structure architectural? Have you ever seen it? There are lots of this kind of places were implemented by various architects. A hotel, a restaurant, and some other public places. Let’s follow this article for further information.

Bedroom Decorated with White Bedding Style in Minimalist Touch

Bedroom Decorated with White Bedding Style in Minimalist Touch

This is the picture of a cave hotel in Matera, South Italy. This project was named as Le Grotte Della Civita. Its unique interior design ideas were created by Sextantio Albergo Diffuso. A stony wall of the exterior will amaze you, also the wooden entrance. If you walk inside and find the bedroom of the hotel, surely you will enjoy its presence. Stones around make the air seem cold, but a built-in fireplace inside the hotel will warm up your days. It is placed right across a white bathtub. Lots of aromatherapy candles are added, just near the wooden bench of towels.

Another project by Bergmeisterwolf Architekten is located in a different place. Instead of the real cave, this place is built right inside a giant rock cliff. But its modernity cannot be hidden even from its glassed facade. You can have a huge meeting room under the rocks. It can accommodate lots of seats for people. In this picture, there are some black chairs arranged tidily, right facing a big white screen on the wall. Curved concrete ceiling up there makes this area looks amazing.

A no less fascinating is this cave restaurant in Italy named Grotta Palazzese. Right under the stony ceiling, lots of modern dining sets are provided by the developer. For example are a rounded dining table and its 6 contemporary dining chairs on the wooden flooring. A single candle is put on each dining table. And there, near the huge ocean, lots of beautiful lamps are enlightening the area. Your dinner will be very perfect here. Do you like to spend your holiday in some cool unique interior design ideas like them?

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