Wood Decks

Central Courtyard Architecture with Friendly Tree House Design

Who says that a treehouse design with central courtyard architecture is always located in the forest? You still can make your tree residence even the location is in a small city. Taller Estilo Arquitectura has designed a simple house in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico. The ...
White Quilt and Wide Mattress near the Round Blue Pool outsideWooden Floor and Wide Bed under the White QuiltQuilt inside the Tree House Bedroom with Green Tile Floor and Wide PropellerHouse Living Room with Wooden Table and Green Sofa near Wooden Chairs

Ergonomic Sofas Furniture for Awesome Modern Villa Style

Looking for a magnificent residence with ergonomic sofas furniture for a modern-style villa? Located in Sint Genesius Rode, Belgium, the villa is currently sold for $7.46 million. How spectacular is it? But you will never disappoint with the building. A green garden surrounds the ...
White Benches in the Villa Modern Terrace with Wooden Deck facing Grass YardSwirly Chairs in the Villa Modern with Wooden Floor and White CeilingWhite Bar Counter in the Villa Modern with Iron Stools and Red ChairWhite Bed and the Black Quilt inside the Villa Modern Bedroom