Sloping Roof

Wooden Building Material for Captivating Modern Farmhouse Architecture

The modern farmhouse can provide a unique design with the wooden building material that makes the home looks more captivating. The Starfall Farm has been designed by Invisible Studio. This astonishing home is placed in North East Somerset, United Kingdom. Completed with green panorama, ...
Wall Made from Wooden Material and Diagonal Shape of RooftopLinen and White Colored Rug Carpet on the FloorConcrete and Cream Colored Concrete WallMade from Glass Panels and Several Glass Skylights

Glass Wall Design for Adorable Modern Pavilion Style

The adorable modern pavilion with the glass wall design can be a good option to obtain total relaxation. The lush green environment becomes the main attraction that is provided by this adorable home. Robert Gurney Architect has designed the Nevis Pool and Garden Pavilion. ...
Soft Back Chairs and Diagonal CeilingConcrete and Glass Flipping DoorBright Cream Outer LampMade from Concrete and Grey Colored Rooftop