Simple Exterior Design

Black Wall Painting for Elegant Minimalist House Design

The Minimalist house with black wall painting can be a good choice to get excellent living experience. The minimalist design can be a good choice to get efficient and total modern design. The Ant-house project has been designed by mA-style Architects which has adorable ...
Partition Wall and Several Bright Bulb LampsMade from Concrete and Black Colored Wooden Outer WallSoft Brown Colored Ceiling which is Made from Wooden MaterialTowel Rail Line and Silver Stainless Faucet

Exposed Brick Wall for Modern Elegant Home Project

The modern elegant home with the exposed brick wall has a beautiful design that can make the house has a captivating look. The Sauces House has been designed by ARCO Arquitectura Contemporanea. This stunning home is obtained from remodeling house in Mexico City, Mexico. ...
Island and Silver Colored Stainless ChimneyStaircase and White Colored Outer Wall Made from ConcreteSeveral Pillows and Curvy Shaped Desk Lamps Silver Curvy NeckSeveral Dark Brown Colored Wooden Cabinets