Natural Accent

Wooden Beams Ceiling for Exciting Modern House

Located in Singapore, this modern house with the wooden beams ceiling designed by Park + Associates represents the design of an urban house. Concrete is the major building structure of this house design. This residence in 6 Mimosa Road presents the contemporary splendor in this home ...
Black Chandeliers and Grey Sofas near Black ChairsWhite Tub and Wooden Vanity near Glass Shower RoomWooden Deck in the with the Green PlantationsRoad with Wide Pool and Wooden Deck with Wide Pergola and Cozy Furniture

Sleek Coffee Table for Funky Eclectic Interior Design

The design of this Den Loft by Nordes can be the inspiration for the trendy eclectic interior in contemporary concept with the sleek coffee table. The eclectic look is formed by the industrious elements and the rustic textures that are arranged together creating the cozy vibe. It can ...
Loft with Brown Sofa and High Wooden Bookshelves on Wooden FloorRoom near the Kitchen Space inside Den Loft and Wooden FloorLoft with Concrete Wall and Glossy Sink near the Bright LightBrick Wall and Bright Light near Hardwood Floor