Exterior Design

Wooden Building Material for Captivating Modern Farmhouse Architecture

The modern farmhouse can provide a unique design with the wooden building material that makes the home looks more captivating. The Starfall Farm has been designed by Invisible Studio. This astonishing home is placed in North East Somerset, United Kingdom. Completed with green panorama, ...
Grey Stone Wall and Several Windows Covered Light Brown Wooden FencesWall Made from Wooden Material and Diagonal Shape of RooftopWall and Several Glass Made Windows and DoorsMade from Glass Panels and Several Glass Skylights

Orange Chair Modern for Beautiful Lakeside Home Style

Beautiful design can design the lakeside home with orange chair modern that makes the home looks more captivating. The stunning outside panorama also can be main attraction that is provided by the lakeside. Hufft Projects have designed the Postcard House. This home is located ...
Wall and Square Shaped Windows Made from Glass PanelsWall and Transparent Handrail Made from Glass MaterialStaircase and White Colored Handrail Made from ConcreteMade from Wooden Material and Silver Long Faucet

Swimming Pool Installation for Modern Bungalow House Plan

Looking for a bungalow house with a swimming pool installation in Singapore? Sunset Terrace House should be on your list. This L-shaped house combines modern design and natural esthetic together. As you enter the gate, this design is already showing its full effect. Recreational space and industrial ...
Exterior Seen from Street Side Showing Neat Green Turfs and TreesLiving and Dining Space Featured with Glass Wall overlooking OutdoorBathroom Interior Involving Sleek Wood and Marble over SanitaryArchitecture Involving Concrete Fence and Wooden Gateway