Contemporary Style

Sleek Coffee Table for Funky Eclectic Interior Design

The design of this Den Loft by Nordes can be the inspiration for the trendy eclectic interior in contemporary concept with the sleek coffee table. The eclectic look is formed by the industrious elements and the rustic textures that are arranged together creating a cozy vibe. It can ...
Room near the Kitchen Space inside Den Loft and Wooden FloorBrown Brick Wall and Wooden Bookshelves on the Wooden FloorLoft with Exposed Brick Wall and Yellow Cabinet near Brown SofaUnique Cushions in the Den Loft Living Room above Wooden Floor

Wooden Flooring Texture in Jazzy Modern Residence Style

This Italian modern residence looks extravagant with wooden flooring texture and white in the entire building elements. The exterior color is white. It looks perfect with the glass elements on them. This glass is used as large windows designed in a simple and practical style. The ...
Soft Lamp Presenting Beautiful Pattern on Ceiling while Accentuating Stained Concrete WallModernn Hallway with Wooden Floor Combined with Patterned Walls Completed with Decorative LightingBlack Sofa with Chaise, Fur Rug, Glass Table, Modern Armchairs and Unique Wall LampsConnecting the Dining Room to Outdoor Lounge through Wide Glass Windows

Contemporary House Style for a Comfortable Living Space

The great thing about contemporary home style lies in its design exploration possibility. It means that modern home creation is not limited to the certain constraint that boxes a style into certain identification. There is a big possibility for a contemporary house to have ...
Exterior with White Wall near the Wide Green Grass YardBrown Stone Wall and Grey Wooden Wall under Flat RoofBuilding Process with the Wooden Wall and the Unique ShapesCurve Ceiling and Unique Lamp above the Wooden Furniture