Floral Print Pillow Cases for Intriguing Wooden Bedroom Style

Wooden materials can be applied in any rooms and living places. The reason is because it has the natural feature to look perfect for all themes, for instance, contemporary look, modern design, even traditional concept. After that, wooden bedroom design ideas with the floral print pillow cases are built from different components that are related to each other. For example, it can be, in a most simple way, bed couch of light wood and wooden bench added at the foot of a bed. Give orange pendant light and polka dot curtain in red for the window.

Furnished with Modular Pendant Light above Leather Sofa on Brown Rug

Furnished with Modular Pendant Light above Leather Sofa on Brown Rug

The elegant look is seen nicely in cherry wood bedroom decorating ideas. It has natural wood in the furnished finish on all surfaces, such as walls, ceiling areas, and floor as well. Strong wood is crafted into firm bedding area combined with silk blanket in a brown tone. Brown velvet sofa is used as additional seating plan in the area of the footbed. The floral print pillow cases are placed for a maximum nature theme.

Decorated in a warm ambiance and traditional style, this bedroom of the cottage has a wooden log attached to the wall surface to give stylish texture. Stone fireplace at corner is added to boost up traditional design applied inside. Rusty theme from classic chandelier also makes an excellent choice, especially for wooden bed couch and yellow lampshade. The bed is put facing large-sized glass window and has brown leather armchair next to the granite table.

Surely much simpler ways send out the clean-cut finish. White walls and ceiling look amazing with furnished bed couch and wooden drawer beside. The different electric fan is hung to ceiling, giving refreshing sensation in the minimalist idea. And for cherry wood bedroom furniture, headboard design is completed with drawers and a particular place to put bonsai as an artistic feature. Always remember to get simple lighting arrangement too. For example, side lamps on the wall or just some star lamps are an excellent way to do as like the floral print pillow cases for comfortable bedding set style.

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