Glass Sliding Doors

Unique Killim Rug in Bewitching Contemporary Home Design

Jose Roberto Paredes from Cincopatasalgato has done one impressive contemporary home design for this modern multi-level residence with unique killim rug named La Piscucha, which is located in San Salvador. The stunning asymmetric roof apparently becomes one of the most attractive features of the ...
Beside Yellow Chair Facing Blue Fur Rug at the Residence La Piscucha Phot Proo By BaxProo By Bax View at the Dark Showing the Lamps that Illuminated the RoomPhot Proo By Bax at the Night Showing the Lamps Flower Beside Brics PanelsProo By Bax View at the Dark Showing the Planter Glass Door Beside

Glass Sliding Doors Interior for Superb Serenity House Architecture

Wooden surfaces with glass sliding doors interior are significant elements for serenity house in Phuket, Thailand. All the in interior design is elegant and radiant. The generous residence has designed by DBALP. It was called a three stories private home for a small family. ...
Bedroom with Wooden Floor and Brown RugsLong Glass Balustrade in the Serenity House Terrace with Grey WallVanity and White Sink near Fascinating Tub inside the Serenity HouseInfinity Pool outside the Serenity House with Long Wooden Dining Table Set