Concrete Stone Cladding

Wood Panels on Walls for Contemporary Multi Level House Structure

Oscar Gonzalez Moix has amazingly developed contemporary multi-level house designs with wood panels on walls for this modern duplex retreat called La Planicie House which is located in Peru. The beautiful U-shaped structure appears as the main attraction of the design, along with spacious ...
Especially Garden Area and Glass Windows Steel Wall Completed the DecorInterior Framed with Hardwood Flooring Taupe Colored and Chimney Completed the RoomCourtyard Area Showing Planter Between Brown Steel Wall AppliedBlue Water Green Yard Area that Glass Windows Completed the Building

Unique Killim Rug in Bewitching Contemporary Home Design

Jose Roberto Paredes from Cincopatasalgato has done one impressive contemporary home design for this modern multi-level residence with unique killim rug named La Piscucha, which is located in San Salvador. The stunning asymmetric roof apparently becomes one of the most attractive features of the ...
Proo By Bax View at the Dark Showing the Lamps that Illuminated the RoomColored Pillows Escort Blue Carpet Comlpeted the Residence La Piscucha Phot Proo By Baxwith Glass Wall and Taupe Colored Planters Accompanied the Lamps Added BrightnesCarpet in Residence La Piscucha Phot Proo By Bax Yellow Chair Beside Arch Lamp